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Energy Balance Study Of Solar Home Lighting System

The photovoltaic (PV) energy is rising to be the next generation energy. It provides solution to the gap between energy demand and energy availability. At the same time PV technology is the strongest growing electricity generation technology, which also provides a solution to the global warming. Almost every portion of the tropical India is favorable for adopting this technology. PV energy is being used across the world with different conversion technologies as autonomous power packs and as grid-integrated systems. Type of converter and load depends on the application to which it is intended. This paper presents the analysis of solar powered home lighting system practically and verifies the design of the system for reliable and optimal performance. Also, the solar home lighting system is simulated using MATLAB. The system taken for study consists of a Solar panel of 37Wp, a 25 AH battery, a Solar charge controller and DC loads of one 9W CFL and a DC fan of 20W. Energy balance study is carried out by using energy available with the existing system under different loading conditions. Depending upon the analysis from energy balance study, suggestions have been made to improve and recalculate the capacity requirements of the system based on the solar radiation conditions of the location considered.