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Intelligent Meter Reading System with over Power Detection using IOT and GSM

With the electric industry undergoing change, increased attention is being focused on power supply reliability and power quality. Power providers and users alike are concerned about reliable power, whether the focus is on interruptions and disturbances or extended outages. Monitoring can provide information about power flow and demand and help to identify the cause of power system disturbances. The proposal in this paper is to monitor the power consumed by a model organization such a household consumers from a centrally located point. Monitoring the power means calculating the power consumed exactly by the user at a given time. The power consumed by the user is measured and communicated to the controlling substation whenever needed by the person at the substation. The feedback from the user helps in identifying usages between authorized and unauthorized users which helps in controlling the power theft, one of the major challenges in current scenarios. Communication between user/household and substation can be of wired and wireless Keywords - Zig Bee, power theft, GSM, AT commands, wireless meter reading.