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Lyoluminescence Study of BAWO4:TB,Phosphors

Tungstate (BaWO4) phosphorsdoped withTerbium (Tb) were synthesized by melt technique with different concentration of Tb ions. Lyoluminescence and photoluminescence studies have been carried out of this BaWO4:Tb phosphors. Only one sharp peak is observed in the Lyoluminescence (LL) glow curve and BaWO4:Tb(0.5 mol%) phosphor shows maximum efficiency. The LL intensity increases linearly with gamma dose andLL emission occurs in blue and yellow region. In Photoluminescence (PL) characterization it is observed that phosphor shows emission at 486nm and 546nm.These emission from BaWO4:Tb is due to 5d4→7f6 and 5d4→7f5 transitions respectively which is characteristic of Tb3+ ions. Experimental results obtain in present investigation shows that BaWO4:Tb3+is suitable as a lyoluminescence dosimetry phosphor for ionizing radiations.