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Luminescence Studies on γ-Irradiated Dy Activated SrWO4 Phosphors

Mechanoluminescence (ML) and Thermoluminescence (TL) properties of gamma-irradiated Dy doped SrWO4 phosphors have been studied. SrWO4:Dy samples having different doping concentration of Dy were prepared by solid state diffusion technique. A single peak is observed in ML intensity versus time curve. One distinct peak around 135oC is observed in the TL glow curve along with a shoulder around 1900C. Both ML and TL intensities have been observed maximum for 0.5mol% of Dy in SrWO4 system. It is also observed that ML intensity decreases with increasing the temperature of the samples and TL intensity of the peak decrease when TL glow curves were recorded after deforming the irradiated samples. In order to understand the luminescence centers responsible for ML and TL, photoluminescence (PL) study of SrWO4:Dy samples have also been carried out. Two distinct bands around 470nm and 585nm were observed, which is characteristics of Dy3+ ions. Keywords - Mechanoluminescence, Thermoluminescence, Photoluminescence