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Effect of Deformation on the Thermoluminescence in CaWO4: Dy Phosphors

Thermoluminescence (TL) of CaWO4 phosphors has been studied by many researchers. TL of CaWO4 samples by solid state diffusion method has been studied after gamma irradiation. One peak is observed in the TL glow curve, around 1500C. Enhancement/and decrement of TL with slight shifting of peak are also observed due to increase in concentration and gamma dose. To study the influence of deformation on the TL, a load was dropped on to the phosphor with different impact velocities. Mechanoluminescence due to deformation increases with impact velocity, however TL intensity of both the peaks decreases if the TL glow curve is recorded after deforming the irradiated samples. Photoluminescence study on the phosphor has shown the incorporation of Dy. It is informed that the recombination of released electrons from the traps during the thermal and mechanical excitation is responsible for luminescence in this system.