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Luminescence Studies in BaWO4: Eu Phosphors

BaWO4 phosphor is synthesized by solid state diffusion method. Thermoluminescence (TL), lyoluminescence (LL), mechanoluminescence (ML) and photoluminescence (PL) of the BaWO4 phosphor material is studied. In TL glow curve a single peak is observed around 160 0C. A single peak is also observed in LL glow curve. Intense ML is observed when the irradiated BaWO4:Eu phosphor is deformed by dropping a load onto the sample, from certain height. PL emission curves exhibit a single peak around 480 nm, which are due to Eu2+ and Eu3+ ions respectively. The spectroscopic analysis shows that TL and LL are due to Eu2+ ions, but in ML, role of both the ions are important.