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Image Segmentation Method for Skin Cancer Features Extraction

The application of image processing for diagnostics purpose is a non-invasive technique. There is currently a great interest in theprospects of automatic image analysis method for image processing, both to provide quantitative information about a lesion, which can be relevance for the clinical, and as a standalone early warning tool. In order to achieve an effective way to identify skin cancer at an early stage without performing any unnecessary skin biopsies, digital images of melanoma skin lesions have been investigated. To achieve this goal, feature extraction is considered as an essential-weapon to analyse an image appropriately. In this paper, different digital images have been analysed based on unsupervised segmentation techniques. Feature extraction techniques are then applied on these segmented images. After this, a comprehensive discussion has been explored based on the obtained results. Keywords - Clustering, Dilation, Erosion, Features, Image Processing, Melanoma, Supervised, Segmentation.