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Design Techniques of Microwave Filters: A Literature Review

Microwave filters are widely used in telecommunication equipments. Filters are used to suppress the noises coming from the environment, prevent spurious signals from interfering with other systems and allow desired signals to pass through within a specific frequency band. Filters in this work, the filters working particularly in microwave frequency range i.e. several MHz to GHz range according to their designing and applications i.e. chebyshev filters, cavity filters etc is critically reviewed. For designing a filter satisfying the design specification an to obtain low complexity used the 2-D IIR filter i.e. RF-to-bits antenna array digital beam filters which rectifies the non-linearity in the phase response. This paper gives critical review of designing techniques of microwave filters. Keywords - Microwave filters, 2-D IIR filters, cascaded filters, cross-coupling, polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (PolSAR), speckle suppression, target detection.