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Monitoring And Control Of Food Storage Depots Using Wireless Sensor Networks

The safety of food storage is a significant issue concerning people’s living quality and national economic development. In India, nearly 20% of food grains are going as waste due to storage losses. The food storage losses are accounted mainly due to the changing environmental conditions and improper infrastructure facilities. This paper proposes an integrated system to monitor and control the environmental factors like temperature, humidity and light illumination of food depots using wireless sensor networks. The food products chosen are Grains, Wheat, Rava and Maida flour. The ZigBee mesh networking technology is used to send the measured parameters from remote food depots and the LabVIEW software is used to monitor the environmental factors. The images of the food product are captured from remote end and checked for the right food product by image analysis. An automated aeration control strategy is employed to maintain the temperature and moisture content within the threshold limits for each of the food products, thus ensuring food security.