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CCIM-New Era Of HLW Melters

Cold Crucible Induction Melting (CCIM) is globally emerging as an alternative technique for vitrification of high level waste. It eliminates many materials and operating constraints inherent in other available techniques of vitrication. Vitrification is reffered to the process of chemically mixing glass and radioactive waste to form a chemically inert glass matrix. Cold crucible induction melting technique involves the use of the principle of electromagnetic induction, inducing currents directly into the glass forming composition and HLW to form glass matrix. Its construction and working is designed to be efficient and innovative. CCIM posses much longer life and this crucial advantage makes it superior over other techniques. This paper provides a review of CCIM technology. Also presents system design and operation of CCIM. Included is a detailed comparison of cold crucible induction melter with other type of melters.