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Monitoring And Control Real Time Electrical Parameters Of Longer Distance Powered Devices On Rs485 Based Scada System

This project aims at building an efficient and automatic power survey system, which is capable of monitoring and control the electrical parameters of high voltage devices, which are present in real time industrial environment. The system makes use of RS485 based communication which is suitable of transferring data over longer distances. The purpose of this project is to acquire the remote real time electrical parameters like voltage, current and frequency also temperature and send these real time values over PC using RS485 cable. The data is sense using various electrical sense and process by Microcontroller. The processed data is downloaded and display on to the computer for further processing. This project makes use of an onboard computer which is commonly termed as microcontroller. This onboard computer can efficiently communicate with the different sensors being used. The controller is provided with some internal memory to hold the code. This memory is used to dump some set of assembly instructions into the controller. And the functioning of the controller is dependent on these assembly instructions.