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Vision Based Robotic System

There are myriad occasions where human inclusions in a situation can be replaced by a robot which does the same task with ease and in a shorter duration of time. Earlier efforts in the field of vision based robotics have been primarily manual and static in nature: process being monitored at a single fixed point. Recent evolutions have led us to gesture controlled robotics which may be fascinating but manual in nature. Systems are being developed which have on-board vision: Autonomous systems that can act on the same situations at different locations. To facilitate one possible feasible solution, we have implemented a system through which an area is scanned for a particular object by a surveillance robot. Through this method autonomous monitoring of hazardous elements is made possible with a wireless camera on-board and robot monitoring various locations in a given region. The command signals are generated from the scanning through Image Processing. These signals are then passed to the robot to navigate it to the required position pick the object and place it to the required position using an electro-pneumatic gripping mechanism.