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Gesture Based Touchless Joypad

This paper presents a novel method of controlling the movement of a vehicle based on the hand gestures. A pair of IR sensors and one ultrasonic sensor are used to sense the hand gestures. The signals generated by these sensors are used to control the movement of the vehicle. These signals are channeled to a microcontroller where processing is done. The processed signals are transmitted wirelessly to the vehicle using a pair of radio transmitter and receiver. The motion of the vehicle depends on the movement of the hand. This system is not only user friendly but also it allows the user to interact with the vehicle using the intuitive gestures without the help of any additional aides. The hand gestures given in the range of 0 to 20 cms are used to control the movement of the body. Evaluating the results shows that the system recognizes the gestures with 99% accuracy and is of low-cost and low-power.