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High Efficiency Harnessing Solar Energy On A Domestic Level

This paper focusses on harnessing solar energy on a domestic basis. What we propose is using bits of reflecting material which has high reflective index fixed on a concave parabolic dish available in homes. When sunrays fall on this reflecting surface the rays are converged to a particular point. This is then passed through a borosilicate glass film which absorbs the heat energy and allows only the photons. This is done so that the excess temperature does not affect the solar panel. The photons emitted after convergence and heat removal are focussed on the solar panel and the equivalent power is generated which are exponentially greater than the normal power obtained from a solar panel. Thus more power can be generated. This can be adopted in areas where light intensity is higher. This model can also be modified in areas of high temperature where we use steam turbines and boilers in place of solar panels. Thus efficiency is increased, cost is reduced, size of panel is reduced and further the method can be implemented everywhere on a domestic basis as parabolic dishes are commonly available in all homes.