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Texture Analysis Of Tumor From Mri Images Using Gabor Pattern

Extraction of a feature in medical images is a tedious process. The main part of the extraction is the segmentation of the images for improved quality in medical diagnosis. Many algorithms and methods are used for the segmentation of brain tumor images with the help of the image processing tools. In our proposed paper, we extract the brain tumor from the MRI images. The first step is the segmentation of the pre-processed tumor images. The algorithm used for the segmentation is the fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm which gives high accuracy of the segmented image. The second step is the feature extraction where shape and texture methods are used to find the features for classification. Here we use the Non - Local Gabor XOR pattern (NLGXP) operator for feature extraction. This operator encodes the Gabor phase than the Gabor magnitude. This proved to be efficient in finding texture of tumor from an image.