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Using Trans-Impedance Amplifier and Smoothing Techniques to Improve Signal-To-Noise Ratio in a 24-Bit Single Beam Visible Spectrometer

Using charge-coupled devices and CMOS sensors in spectrometers increases device cost due to complex circuitry requirements. In this work, a single beam visible spectrometer is designed and built using a single photodiode as a sensor and a simple circuitry hence reducing the cost of the device. Moreover, on the market, most of the spectrometers use 16-bit analog to digital converter to convert analog signal thereby limits the measurement concentration resolution and sensitivity of the spectrometers. To extend its ability, a 24-bit ADC is used in the design for more accurate spectrum measurements. This single beam visible spectrometer works in the spectral range from 400nm to 750nm. The use of the trans-impedance amplifier and smoothing sensor reduces noise and increases accuracy of the measured spectrums. Keywords - Visible light spectrometer, noise, photodiode, filter.