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Compressed Soil Block Machine

All over these years we have seen a developing human generation & a subsequent change in environmental conditions. Though in the rush to increase the level of human comfort, the human needs have never come to an end and have kept increasing on a burning rate thus impacting the ecosystem on a considerable level. One such very vital aspect has been in the area of civil construction so as to meet the housing needs of human population. Compressed Soil Brick Machine illustrates the technology of manufacturing automatic bricks from the natural soil mixed with an accurate proportion of moisture & binding chemicals which are succumbed to intense hydraulic pressure. The entire process of manufacturing these bricks is automatic. A very upper hand is achieved on the ground of ecological balance and sustainable development. As the bricks are prepared on-site and that too from on-site soil so it is needless to bring in soil from elsewhere and the on-site soil itself is used to manufacture the bricks. Thus it plays a key role in maintaining the environmental balance. Keywords - Automatic, Durable, Eco-Friendly, Fast , On-Site Soil