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Design and Simulation of Converter with Thyristor Crowbar in Wind Power Application

Nowadays, renewable energy sources, wind power is one of the most attractive solutions. AC/DC/AC power converter extracts power from variable speed permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) and feed it to supply a standalone load. The output voltage and frequency of the PMSG is variable in nature due to non uniform wind velocity. Therefore, power electronic converters are needed to get constant frequency and constant voltage. The variable three-phase AC output at the PMSG is rectified by a diode rectifier and the DC link is maintained constant by a thyristor crowbar. Thyristor crowbar is provided with silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), transistor and zener diode. The crowbar circuit is used to protect the battery from over voltage of rectifier output voltage. The converter output is fed to three-phase inverter which employs a SPWM technique, the output of which can be fed to a load or grid. The inverter circuit oscillates DC voltage or current into a desired AC voltage or current waveform and frequency. Circuit simulation and analysis was done by Proteus (8.3 Professional) and MPLAB IDE. The wave shaping timing pulses are generated by using microcontroller PIC16F628A and required signals are generated for the driver circuit of the inverter. Keywords- Converter, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG), Standalone Load, Thyristor Crowbar, Wind Power.