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Design Calculations of Heliostat Field Layout for Solar Thermal Power Generation

The aim of this paper is to design the heliostat field layout of solar thermal generation for a CSP plant, based on the central power tower technology. In this design, the radial staggered pattern is proposed to reduce the shadowing and blocking losses. Its solar field consists of 1150 heliostats around a 95m tall tower and each heliostat has a 121m2 reflecting area. The power plant is designed to produce an output of 56MWth thermal power with molten salt storage system. The coordinates of the chose location for this plant are 19.7633˚ (Latitude) and 96.0785˚ (Longitude), which is a city called Naypyitaw, Myanmar. To evaluate the available solar thermal power received at the central receiver, the optical efficiency which is the product of the mirror reflectivity, the atmospheric attenuation efficiency, the shadowing and blocking efficiency and the cosine efficiency is proposed as well. Results show that the annual optical efficiency increases and the minimum value of thermal power received on the tower receiver is greater than required power. Keywords- 56 MWth, Atmospheric attenuation efficiency, Central power tower technology, Cosine efficiency, Heliostat field layout, Molten salt storage system, Optical efficiency, Shadowing and blocking, Solar thermal power.