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Cost Reduction by Replacing Steam with Coke Oven Gas for Hot Air Dryer Unit in the Electrolyte Cleaning Line

Globally, the manufacturing industries have incredible contribution in the global economic growth and it has wide recognition in the area of poverty alleviation. Development of any country is largely based on its magnitude of industrial growth. Steel industries in India took a leading role in the world after mid-sixties. During the last five decades, the steel industries all over the world made considerable developments in new methods for productivity improvement & cost reduction. The study is based on of the leading steel company in Eastern India. The present paper suggests a modification in the layout of Electrolytic cleaning line with special emphasis on the hot air dryer unit which is used for drying cold rolled steel coils during the electrolytic cleaning process. Presently, steam is used for heating air. Replacing the steam by coke oven gas provides better quality output and less cost to the industry. The research work highlights the cost reduction methodology due to modification in the electrolytic cleaning line. Keywords – Coke Oven Gas ( COG ), Électrolyte Clearing Line ( ECL), Hot Air Dryer Unit,