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Detection of Various Abnormal Conditions in three Phase Induction Motor Based on Principal Component Analysis

Induction Motors are complex electromechanical devices widely used for conversion of power from electrical to mechanical form in various industrial applications because they are robust, controlled and most suitable for many applications. This paper discuss the diagnosis of 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor for various abnormal conditions like over voltage, under voltage, single phasing, voltage unbalance along with healthy conditions. The main objective is to detect such abnormalities by means of Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Induction motor stator current, as a signal due to the abnormal conditions in three-phase induction motor, is recorded. The features of recorded signals are extracted by Principal Component Analysis. Then, Artificial Neural Network is used to differentiate the healthy and abnormal condition of induction motor. Index Terms - Induction Motor, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Single Phasing, Voltage Unbalance, Statistical Parameter, Principal Component Analysis, Artificial Neural Network.