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The Experimental Study for the Design Assembly of Incineration and the Effective Utilization of Waste Plastics by using thermal Cracing Method

Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials.The experimental study was conducted to develop the design for the effective utilization of waste plastic by using the principle thermal cracking with minimum cost and maximum efficiency without creating any harm to the nature and its beings.. Treating of the plastic is carried out by allowing and the pressure to get raised(Boyels Law) and it gets ooze out through the connection pipes and passed to the water filtration chamber.Production of the bi-Products are carried out after the filtration process a cavitations is being produced and plasticoil layer is formed on the top of the water and when pressure increases a cooking gas(ethene) is formed.Advantage over existing process can be enumerated as Ease of operation,Less cost when compared to traditional method ,Thorough filtration is done,The plastic oil is formed above the water level so that it is good for burning that which it does not produce toxic gases,The size can be scaled according to the need. Keywords - Incineration, Boyels Law, Water Filtration, Bi-products, Scaled Size