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Performance Analysis of RO plant using Pressure Exchanger as an Energy Recovery Device

The objective of this paper is to investigate the possibility of improving the performance of Ras Abu Jarjur Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant in Kingdom of Bahrain by using Pressure Exchanger (PX) as a replacement for Energy Recovery Turbines (ERT) to reduce the power consumption of desalination process. The performance of original energy recovery turbines of Ras Abu Jarjur has been compared with the performance of pressure exchanger devices with the power model selector as main aspect. It has been found that the pressure exchanger device had reduced the power consumption of plant more than energy recovery turbine with the performance around 95.17% and recovery rate of 40%. It has also been concluded that there is an improvement in the performance of desalination plant that saves the expenses around 879,464 USD per year. The aims of this project were successfully achieved with high level of power reduction (around 46.23%) from 5.3 (KWh/m3) to 2.85 (KWh/m3) by installing pressure exchanger devices as an alternative energy recovery element to the present energy recovery turbines. Index Terms - Pressure Exchanger, Energy Recovery Turbine, Desalination Plant, Reverse Osmosis