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Enhancement of Power System Stability using Static VAR Compensator (SVC)

The use of reactive power is to improve system efficiency. It is acceptable to some level; it may cause some problem in Electrical system if system is purely resistive or capacitive.AC systems supply or consume two kinds of power i.e. real power and reactive power. Real power accomplishes useful work while reactive power supports the voltage that must be controlled for system reliability. Reactive power has a profound effect on the security of power systems because it affects voltages throughout the system. it also used to provide the voltage levels necessary for active power to do useful work. it is also essential to move active power through the transmission and distribution system to the customer. Reactive power (VARS) is required to maintain the voltage to deliver active power (watts) through transmission lines. If there is insufficient reactive power, the voltage sags down and it is not possible to push the power demanded by loads through the lines. There are various techniques for power system stability, this paper covers the point of system stability by using “Shunt compensation technique” to the improvement of power system stability using one of the FACTS device named “Static VAR Compensator (SVC)”.For gaining stability different tests like loadability, finding optimal location for SVC are taken on the system. Keywords - Reactive Power, VAR, SVC, Stability, MATLAB/Simulink, Loadability