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Implementation of Offshore Wind Power Plant using Voltage Control VSC-HVDC Transmission System

In Northern Europe Wind power evolution is foreseen as to continue in the upcoming with development of largescale WPPs (Wind Power Plants) on far offshore. Amalgamation scheme of these WPPs to the onshore grids would grow from point-to-point connection to a transnational multi-terminal network in which the transmission capacity serves both to evacuate the wind power and also to ease power trading between countries. In such a condition, multi-terminal VSC-HVDC transmission is one of the favorable technological solutions. Also in this paper we focus on a control strategy for dispatching power in the future transnational network situation that based on the voltage margin method and also it is customized to comply with different dispatch schemes possibly in the future transnational network. This paper has addressed the operation and control of multi-terminal VSC-HVDC transmission systems for offshore wind farms. Through the results we have seen the cost comparison between HVACs and HVDC System, based on which we seen the HVDC system is more reliable system. Keywords - Wind Power Plants (WPPs), VSC-HVDC, Fault Ride Through (FRT).