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Control of Fuel Cells-Supercapacitors DC Hybrid Power Source Using Nonlinear Sliding Mode Strategy

The polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) stack represents one of the most used solutions as main source in Energy Generation System (EGS) and Vehicle application because of high efficiency and a fast start-up and low operating temperature[1]. To function efficiently, some type of power conditioning circuit is required. In this paper a hybrid DC sources with FC and SC are combined to solve different power requirements. The FC, which acts as the primary energy source, is sized for the continuous load requirement. The SCs, which act as the secondary power source, are sized for the peak load requirement. The global studied system based on a nonlinear sliding mode control of the hybrid sources and simulation results obtained under MATLAB-SIMULINK are presented. Keywords- IBC converter, PI Controller, Sliding mode control, Energy conversion, Hybrid system, Fuel Cell, Supercapacitor.