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Development Of Algorithm For Improving The Lifetime Of Wireless Sensor Nodes Batteries Using Matlab

The main problem which occur in wireless communication networks is the field nodes are battery resource constrained. Consider a situation of multi-hop wireless communication in a sensor network in which the information from a node is forwarded by multiple intermediate nodes until information reaches the base station. The network is disconnected and the field information could be lost on the way if due to low battery power one of the nodes which participate in multi- hop forwarding is switched off. In many applications, it is very difficult or infeasible to replace the exhausted batteries due to the deployment terrain condition or because of the sheer number of field nodes. The means to recharge the nodes without shutting down the network is very important for uninterrupted operation of the network and also to keep the network maintenance cost at a minimum. One technology which serves this purpose is energy harvesting - a process in which energy is derived from an external ambient source. We propose to use the RF energy that is already available in the network due to regular communication among the nodes. The electrical power generated by RF energy harvesting techniques is small, depending on techniques it is enough to drive low power consumption devices. In this work, we explore the means of imparting energy to the field nodes by exploiting network topology and communication protocols. In this work we propose a method in which the field nodes which are power rich not only receive energy from the power they also contribute energy to the weaker nodes and this is shown using matlab. We call it as multi hop charging.