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Study Of Fundamental And Higher Order Soliton Propagation In Optical Light Wave Systems

In this work, the effect of fundamental and higher order soliton propagation is noted in Enhanced Large Area Fiber (E-LEAF). The characteristic feature of soliton formation due to the balance in Self-Phase Modulation (SPM) and Group Velocity Dispersion (GVD) is studied in anomalous dispersion regime (D>0 or β2<0). The fundamental soliton with constant shape and amplitude is noted for soliton period of zo=61.933Km with an input power of 17.33mW while the dispersion length is Ld=39.43Km for 20Gbps system. The higher order solitons namely second(N=1), third(N=3), fourth(N=4) and fifth order(N=5) solitons are noted in the same distance with an input power of 0.01732mW, 0.0693mW, 0.1559mW, 0.2772mW and 0.4331mW respectively. The study of the fundamental and higher order solitons are characterized chirp (change in instantaneous frequency) and phase at the fiber end.