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FPGA Implementation Of Partial Discharge Detection To Count Pd Signals For HV Applicationsq

A partial discharge (PD) is the dissipation of energy caused by the buildup of localized electric field intensity. In high voltage devices such as transformers, this buildup of charge and its release can be symptomatic of problems associated with aging, such as floating components and insulation breakdown. This is why PD detection is used in power systems to monitor the state of health of high voltage transformers. If such problems are not detected and repaired, the strength and frequency of PDs increases and eventually leads to the catastrophic failure of the transformer, which can cause external equipment damage, fires and loss of revenue due to an unscheduled outage. FPGA technology is being widely used for fast digital processing capability. The research shall involve ISE Simulator version 9.2i Xilinx and VHDL programming to evaluate the use of FPGA for the detection and counting of PD signals in HV applications. The impulse signals will be processed, detected and counted using ADC with peak detector and counter.