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Solar And EB Power Billing System Using GSM Network

Now a day, in India, Energy Meter Reading is done through nominated officials, by visiting the residential and commercial places. It is a time consuming process and need more men power results in need of high requirements of money for their salary. Our project proposes a new way that is AEMR for reading the energy consumption of the residential and commercial places. An AEMR system is a system which used to read the consumption of solar or EB power by adopting electronics, communication and computerized technology. By using GSM technology we designed our system. Our solution for residential AEMR consists of a host computer and a residential meter. The host computer records the meter readings of residential energy meters, calculates the bill amount, and cut-off the power line if the amount is not paid within the stipulated period. The meter reading unit of the system reads the energy meters connected to it, encodes the data with appropriate identification number and modulates and transmits them using GSM. The meter reading units also take care of informing about the amount of electricity usage to the consumer with the help of LCD, phone calls and messages then the required amount is credited from the customer usage account. By using this technology we can register our complaints from the residential and commercial places through GSM. An AEMR system is also used to avoid electricity theft. For any maintenance work the duration of power cut was intimated by one day before itself.