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Pneumatic Regenerative Braking System for Bicycle

Regenerative braking system commonly abbreviated as RBS is a system to recover kinetic energy of a moving vehicle under braking. In this system the kinetic energy is stored in the form of compressed air. While the bicycle is moving through slope minimum energy is required to move the bicycle. It is often seen that brakes are used in such conditions brakes to reduce the speed. And in contrast while riding uphill it becomes too tiresome to move the bicycle. If the bicycle is provided with regenerative braking system then the rider can have extra power source that he can use at his will. In general conditions when brakes are applied the kinetic energy is wasted because the kinetic energy gets converted into heat energy due to friction between rim and brake pad. The vehicles equipped with RBS are able to take some amount of kinetic energy while slowing down the vehicle. This kinetic energy using proper mechanism can be used to give the vehicle some extra power. In this project we have prepared a system which can do all above mentioned tasks effectively. Index terms - Regenerative braking, Pneumatic