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A Novel Iterative Approach For Optimal Sizing of Distributed Generation Units For Loss Minimization in Distribution Network

This paper presents a novel iterative approach for determination of the optimal size of distributed generation source located at any given bus of a distribution network to minimize the active power loss in the network in the absence of inequality constraints that can be imposed by various operational limits. The proposed approach is capable of finding the optimal size with significantly less computation than is required by the evolutionary population based iterative approaches reported earlier for the solution of this type of problems. The method is a generalized one as it is capable of finding the optimal size irrespective of absence or presence of harmonic source in the network. However, it is particularly useful when harmonic sources are present in the network as no analytical solution is available in such situation. Analytical solution requires the least amount of computation, but such solution is available for finding optimal size of DG units only when no harmonic source is present. The proposed approach has been tested on two benchmark distribution test networks, and the results are presented to show its efficacy. Keywords— Distributed Generation, Loss Minimization, Distribution Network, Iterative Approach.