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Energy Generation by Solar Wind Energy Tower

Solar Wind Energy Tower is a newly proposed technology aimed to produce electrical energy by means of cooling large masses of hot and dry air and producing downdraft within a large shaft. Assessment of the Energy Tower potential may shed light on the point of view of this technology as an alternative source for producing renewable electric energy in arid or semi-arid lands. We assess the potential of an Energy Tower, providing evaluations for the net power production and the electricity production cost. In India the highest potential for the energy tower is at Rajasthan where major part of the state, comprises of the arid zone in the west and the semi-arid zone in the mid-west (site: Jaisalmer, average temperature of more than 34°C during summer and during winters it ranges in between 12°C to 16°C).The velocity with which the air rushes towards the bottom of the tower, corresponding to 1200m height, is computed as 11.7m/sec. The Energy Tower potentially provides the electricity needs to a millions of consumers at an economically competitive cost where electricity cost estimates range from 2.5 ¢/ kWh up to 7¢/kWh.We analyse the net energy of the downdraft power plant which increases nearly in proportion to the Tower height and the extent of average air cooling. Thus, taller the Tower the more electricity is produced per cubic meter of air or per unit weight of sprayed water. Keywords— Blades, Cooling Tower, Power Generation.