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Power Optimization in System on Chip by Implementation of Efficient Cache Architecture

In advanced multimedia communication based systems, performance improvement is one of the most important issues. Data cache consumes a major portion of the whole processor power for communication applications as they are mainly data intensive. The cache architecture cannot be taken care of specifically for an application in case of an integrated communication system. As a result, a big amount of cache memory is not used. In this paper, the software-controlled cache architecture has been proposed, that improves the energy efficiency of the shared cache in an integrated communication based system. For different cache regions, data types are allocated for an application. Only the allocated cache regions are activated. The effectiveness of software-controlled cache after integration is tested in a communication based system on chip. The results show the performance improvement of the system on chip up-to a huge level on ARM- like cache architecture. Index Terms— Performance Improvement, Cache Memory, Energy Efficiency, Software Cache.