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Smart Traffic Management Based on Embedded Signal Processing

This millennium has witnessed the biggest problems of all times, the population and along with the demands for transport. Every individual want to maintain a living standard which he or she prefers by buying a house or a vehicle. Transport of any kind is a trend or a very urgent need to this ever growing population. With this growing population we have to find an effective solution for managing the vehicles on road. Through this paper I want to propose an optimal solution to solve and balance the vehicles at the traffic to avoid a heavy congestion. Pictures through traffic cameras are captured and after that the images are subjected to edge detection process, after the process the number of vehicles are calculated and the vehicles will be redirected to different routes to avoid a huge congestion at a single place. A convenient feature, an android app designed with app- inventor II to provide live traffic update of traffic to the people for their better selection of routes. Index terms— App-Inventor, Edge Detection, Traffic Congestion.