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Case Study of Soiling of Photovoltaic Panels on Roof Top Structures

The power delivered by the PV panels largely depend on the irradiation obtained on the module surface. The radiation falling on the module surface initiate a reaction on the module cells and power is produced by the modules. The power produced is directly proportional to the irradiation obtained on the module. This irradiation however sometimes scatters on the module surface due to the presence of soiling spots/droppings on the modules thus causing decrease in the intensity of the irradiation on the cells which eventually leads to less power output from the system thus affecting the financial and efficiency aspects of the system. This soiling for roof top systems however can be studied and methods can be proposed for the reduction of the same by performing studies and experiments on roof top installations. Here in this paper I evaluate the soiling spots on two roof top systems and propose methods for reduction of the same. Index terms- Soiling, performance, efficiency.