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Multilabel Image Fusion and Analysis of Spine Images Using Graph Cut and Wavelet Method

Medical image fusion is the process of registering and combining multiple images from single or multiple imaging modalities to improve the imaging quality and reduce randomness and redundancy in order to increase the clinical applicability of medical images for diagnosis and assessment of medical problems. Medical image fusion facilitates the retrieval of complementary information from medical images for diagnostic purpose. Exact information regarding the bones and tissues must be visually accessible to the physicians so as to obtain exact information and location required for the diagnosis and surgery of spinal cord. In this paper firstly the framework for fusing the MRI and CT image is presented which will preserve the bone structure and soft tissue details in the single image using the combination of wavelet and graph cut fusion technique. Secondly, a comparison of wavelet, graphcut and combination of wavelet and graphcut is made. The results of proposed method are analysed and compared visually. The proposed method can be helpful for better medical diagnosis. Keywords- Image fusion techniques, Wavelet method, Graph cut method