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A Fuzzy Multicriteria Evaluation of Alternative Policies to Reduce Energy Dependency

Energy requirement in Turkey is mainly responded by imported energy. This causes economic dependency on other countries and therefore becomes the main subject of political discussions. In recent years, research in energy planning has improved to avoid dependency. Most of these studies use fuzzy methods to handle the uncertainty in energy plans. The main aim of this article is to identify and discuss some of the important and critical decision criteria, and prioritize alternative policies to reduce the energy dependency with the help of fuzzy TOPSIS. Eleven alternatives are taken from the energy report that prepared by Turkey’s energy ministry. Domestic coal production, domestic oil and natural gas production, energy efficiency studies, nuclear power generation, hydraulic power generation, geothermal power generation, solar power generation, bio fuel, biomass production, waste energy production, reduction of losses and leaks and energy research and development activities are the alternatives for reducing the energy dependency. From the expert opinion nine criteria selected for affecting these alternatives. Keywords— Fuzzy Topsis, Energy Dependency.