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Aquila (The Solar Powered Drone)

Today out of 7 billion people only 2.7 billion are accessing internet around the world. In order to survive, they cannot think that there is no internet because it is inevitable part of their life, where everyone and everything is connected to the internet. To achieve this goal, Communication is one of the main objectives. They have made continuous efforts themselves, and now efforts have been made in heaven or address as the number of users accessing the internet continuously. Internet is growing day by day, and at the same time the Facebook took an initiative called AQUILA as the solar powered drones. This focuses on the mechanism that drone is to provide the amount of the previous internet services available. The project is managed by Facebook and as Aquila (The Solar Powered Drone). The idea is to provide internet service to areas of the world where people less or no access to the internet. This method of online services through an extensive drone, which has a wingspan of a Boeing 737 wing with less weight than a car. This will operate at the height of 60,000 to 90,000 ft. in the air, and can run for three months with the internet speeds of 10 gigabits per second. Keywords— Aquila, Boeing 737,carbon fibre, drone,, by Facebook, laser technology, Solar powered drone Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV).