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Review Towards a Smart Distribution Transformer For Smart Grid

Smart Grid facilitates efficient and reliable end-to-end intelligent two-way delivery system from source to sink through integration of renewable energy sources, smart transmission and distribution. In this way Smart Grid technology shall bring efficiency and sustainability in meeting the growing electricity demand with reliability and best of the quality. The conventional transformer are relatively inexpensive, highly reliable, and fairly efficient but unable to provide above functionality requirements. The advancement in semiconductor technology has provided a new alternative to the hundred year old conventional transformer technology by providing an elegant solution using Smart Distribution Transformer called Solid State Transformer (SST). Solid-state-transformers (SSTs) comply with these functionality requirements as well as this new transformer is insensitive to harmonics, has zero regulation, prevents load disruptions and faults from affecting the primary system, can supply loads with DC offsets, and does not utilize a liquid dielectric. It is a collection of high-powered semiconductor components, conventional high-frequency transformers and control circuitry which is used to provide a high level of flexible control to power distribution networks. Add some communication capability and the entire package is often referred to as a smart transformer. The purpose of this paper is to give the idea about this developing power electronic transformer application in Indian emerging smart electricity grid.