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Forecast Analysis of the Potential and Availability of Renewable Energy in India: A Review

India is blessed with enormous renewable energy resources and is known to have one of the largest programs in the world for the development of renewable energies, thereby witnessing over 20 percent growth in the last five years. The renewable energy sources like wind energy, solar power, biomass energy, small hydro power may be used efficiently for the development of India by overcoming the shortage. Renewable energy sources have potential to provide solutions to the problems faced by different countries for their development. India is the only country in the world to have an exclusive ministry for the growth and enhancement of renewable energy resources. India is working hard to increase the productivity of renewable energies by moving on from megawatts to gigawatts. In this study, the availability, current status, major achievements and future potential of renewable energy in India is discussed. Moreover, this paper also discusses about the steps taken by the government to increase the growth of renewable energy in the upcoming years in order to meet the nation’s energy need. Keywords- Renewable energy, Solar power, Wind energy, Biomass energy, Small hydro power.