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A Detailed MATLAB Modeling of Photovoltaic Module

This paper concerns about the detailed MATLAB modeling of solar module using simulink. In this paper simulink PV 1-D model was developed, using the basic equations. To validate the simulated model, simulated results are compared with the KD325GX-LFB and KD330GX-LFB PV modules. The MATLAB program gives the information about the behavior of the practical PV module, under different atmospheric conditions. The single diode simulink models are simulated at different operating conditions i.e. at the temperature of 250 C and 1000W/m2 irradiance and at the temperature 200 C and 800W/m2 .To analyze and validate the simulation models, I-V and P-V characteristics obtained from the MATLAB models are compared with the experimental results. Keywords— Solar PV module, Single diode, Simulink, Irradiance, Temperature.