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Supressing Artefact From Color and Contrast Modification

This work is concerned with the modification of the gray level or color distribution of digital images. A common draw-back of classical methods is that it allows large number of artifacts or the attenuation of details and textures. In this work, we propose a generic filtering method enabling, given the original image and the radio metrically corrected one, to suppress artifacts while preserving details. The approach relies on the key observation that artifacts correspond to spatial irregularity of the so called transportation map, defined as the difference between the original and the corrected image. Then Transportation map which is the difference between original image and transformed image is calculated, then a generic filtering method also called TMR filter which draws on the nonlocal Yaroslavsky filter is used to regularize the transportation map so that artifacts are suppressed. Keywords— Color and Contrast Modifications, Histogram Equalization, Adaptive Histogram Equalization, TMR Filter, Color Transfer