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Subthresold Slope Variations in Double Gate Ferroelectric FET Using Si: Hfo2 as Gate Oxide

This paper has been purposed with subthreshold slope variations with different oxide thickness of the ferroelectric material used as gate oxide in double gate MOSFET. The ferroelectric behavior of silicon doped hafnium oxide as gate oxide in double gate MOSFET with different oxide thickness decrease the subthreshold slope to a value of 57.8 db/dec at some points that holds good for the design of digital circuit. The subthreshold slope variations with the different gate oxide thicknesses have been studied. These results also compared with the conventional double gate MOSFET. The study mainly concentrates on the subthreshold slope of silicon doped hafnium oxide with or without buffer layer of hafnium oxide and silicon oxides and concludes to a result in decreasing the subthreshold. Two Dimensional simulation in Sentaurus TCAD is used to get the variations from 95.4 db/dec to 57.8db/dec. Keywords— MOSFET, FeFET, SiHfO2, DGFET, SBT, PZT.