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Autosar-Compliant Design Methodology For an MDPS Control System

This paper describes the automotive open system architecture (AUTOSAR) compliant model-based design of the software component (SW-C) architecture for a motor-driven power steering (MDPS) system. The MDPS system is a new power steering technology that replaces the hydraulic actuator system with the electric actuator system. AUTOSAR is a common platform for the implementation of automotive embedded software. Model-based design leads to considerable productivity increases, improvements in quality and traceability within your development process. We design the SW-C architecture for an MDPS system using an AUTOSAR authoring tool. In addition, we implement the MDPS models based on the designed SW-C architecture using model-based design work flow process. Finally, we suggest method to validate for the MDPS model using MATLAB/Simulink. Index Terms- AUTOSAR, Motor Driven Power Steering System, Model-based Design, Software Architecture