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Evaluation Comparative of Anti-Clogging Drip Emitters Design

The drip irrigation systems have been a common irrigation method in the world due to the shortage of water in wide areas. Dripper is the key factor of drip irrigation systems, that deliver slow and uniformity water to the plants. The drippers can be suffering from clogging due to escape some particles of sand from the filters. The emitter clogging problem has a significant effect on the drip irrigation system efficiency. In this study, computer aid design, CAD was used to design a new anti-clogging emitter. The water flow behavior in the diaper was simulated by using two phases –CFD analysis to confirm the new design can provide the lowest chance to block. Comparative the simulation results for the new driver with the simulation results for three drip emitter design include eddy channel, pre-depositing channel and round-flow channel, it is clearly seen that the new design has a better ability to resist the clogging. Additionally, CFD simulation results introduce a good observation about the relation between the pressure applied and the water flow rate. This result was obtained due to the integration of the characteristic of great sieving and good pressure dropping in the new designed drip emitter. Keywords— Evaluation, simulation, drippers, CFD analysis