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Simulation of Incremental Conductance Based Solar MPPT System

A simulation of incremental conductance (IncCond) based maximum power point tracking (MPPT) implemented in solar array power systems with direct control method is presented in this paper. The main comparison between proposed system & existing MPPT systems is an elimination of the proportional–integral control loop and finding the effect of simplifying the control circuit. The whole system involves converter design, system simulation, controller programming in MPLAB by using several aspects of it. The MPPT system with an incremental conductance algorithm works under a precise control in quickly varying atmospheric conditions. The resultant system gives an accurate MPP’S as fast as possible without steady-state oscillation, and also, it gives acceptable interpretation under dynamic conditions. MATLAB and Simulink were used for simulation studies and C Coding is done in microprocessor. Simulation results give the workability and improved performance of the system. Index Terms— Photovoltaic (PV) system, maximum power point tracking (MPPT), incremental conductance (IncCond).