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To Reduce the Magnetic Inrush Current by Point Wave Switching Method

In power transformer initially current is very high magnitude, which cause the produce the harmonics current and transformer core saturated during the period of initial current and initial current is known as magnetic inrush current. During this period loss of transformer life, protective devices, as well as power quality is reduce. So this initial current is reducing is very important, controlled transformer switching can provided to reduce the magnetic inrush current. This paper shows the practical consideration of elimination magnetic inrush current as well as experimental result of simulation and hardware of limiting the inrush current. In this paper use a thyristor to control the angle of voltage upto the eight to ten cycles. This paper shows the theory to explain and characteristics sequential phase enerization depend upon the magnetic inrush current scheme. Index Term- Switching Devices, Thyristor, Optocoupler, Inrush Current, And Transformer