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Implementation & Simulation of Multilevel Inveter

The main objective of this paper is to have high quality output with reduced number of harmonics i.e. total harmonics distortions (THD) by using the multicarrier based PWM method with a diode clamped multilevel inverter for resistive type of load and for the inductive i.e. the motor load. The control technique used is multicarrier PWM technique, also simple PWM technique can also be implemented for this scheme. The open loop speed control by using the V/f method can also be achieved in this scheme. The V/f control method can be done by changing the supply voltage and frequency which is applied to the three phase induction motor at a constant ratio.This scheme is therefore an effective replacement of the conventional technique. As in this paper scheme which is used gets the three phase output with the single phase power supply source. Therefore the conventional technique results in higher switching losses, harmonics, and THD and also poor drive performance of drive i.e. load. The simulation results prove that the proposed scheme produces a high quality output with resistive load. Thus a comparison can also be made for resistive load with filter and without filter, in order to see the THD performance with and without filter. So this can also be obtained from the simulation results. The effectiveness of this system can be verified by using the MATLAB simulink package R2010a Keywords- Harmonics,THD,Multicarrier PWM Technique,V/f Method,Diode clamped multilevel inverter