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WSN Based Online Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Control System Aided With Android Application

Wireless sensor network (WSN) is an extremely efficient and constructive way to acquire data from multiple locations and simultaneously provide us with the reading from those locations. In our proposed work we have exploit this feature in order to detect leakage of certain gas in controlled environment. There is a wide range of gas detection systems used to provide an early detection and warning in the event of a leak in a gas pipeline, one of which that is wired monitoring system. However, in its implementation, the wired-based monitoring system has many shortcomings. To overcome the disadvantages of the wired system, a wireless-based sensor network in detecting and monitoring gas pipelines is applied in this study by implementing mobile sensors as key components of the data collection. Android application is also an important feature that we have include in our work for quick response, this feature may become handy to save lives of all the workers in such environment where due to the leakage of the gas an explosion may occur. Index terms- WSN (Wireless Sensor Network), Android Application.